Roller blinds


The comprehensive offer of Shadow-System indoor roller blinds is based on the reliable systems of the largest European suppliers: German Benthin® and Dutch Coulisse. They are characteristic for exceptional attention to details, the precision of performance and hi-tech solutions. All these properties contribute to the fail-safe and long-term operation of products based on these systems. Our customised solutions, always made with top accuracy, are perfect both on residential space and commercial space where they have to endure more intensive use and satisfy technical requirements. Various applications and the combination of technical possibilities with the decorative properties of indoor roller blinds enables finding an optimal solution for the most demanding Customer.

Decomatic® CLASSIC

Program Classic of free hanging roller blinds offers a wide range of operation types: from the most popular chain operated blinds, through roller blinds with an interlock spring mechanism, up to roller blinds with an electric drive. Compact system components enable to built different models of roller blinds from the simplest ones – with exposed tube, mounted directly on brackets – up to fully automated
ones which operation is possible with smartphone applications. Moreover, these roller blinds – depending on the model – may be equipped with additional options, giving blinds new functionalities or changing their look.

Decomatic® MEDIUM

Program Medium is designed mainly for roller blinds of bigger sizes which could not be produced based on the Classic system. The size of roller blinds translates into its weight, therefore there are reinforced components and tubes with bigger diameters used to provide smooth
operation of heavier roller blinds in the Medium program. Operation variants available in the Medium program are limited to two best operation-adjusted bigger roller blinds: chain or motor.

Decomatic® LARGE

Program Large is a system created for large-size roller blinds, used for covering large window surfaces. The range of available models and variants is the same as in the Medium program, however the range of maximum sizes of blinds possible to be made based on each of these systems is different. Program Large is used for roller blinds whose sizes (width or height) exceed 3 metres. The reinforced mechanism and appropriately strong winding tubes are able to ensure proper functioning of roller blinds sized up to 4 meters and with a bottom fabric weight even up to 12 kg.

Coulisse SMART

Program SMART offers a wide range of innovative solutions for free hanging roller blinds, which introduces a new quality in mounting and operation of roller blinds. Particular attention should be given to battery motors specially dedicated for this system. They make the mounting of a roller blind equipped with an electric drive easy because
it does not require any specific knowledge or leading any supplying cables to a roller blind. Moreover, the application of the SLOW spring enables to adjust the winding speed of the fabric as well as setting the end positions.

Mini Roller Blinds

Mini roller blinds are a practical and universal solution which is perfect for many rooms. Due to their small sizes and being placed directly at the glass pane, the roller blind cassette makes the impression of an integral part of the window. Mini roller blinds are mounted with PCV cover profiles or interchangeably, with side profiles, they reduce sunlight transmission inside the room up to minimum, at the same time keeping the roller blind fabric close to the window pane surface, which enables opening and tilting the window freely.

Roof Roller Blinds

Roof roller blinds do not only control the amount of light coming in through the window, but they also significantly affect the temperature
in the room they are mounted in. Choosing a suitable fabric type can protect the room from heating up on sunny and summer days and
create an additional thermal insulation reducing the heat loss in winter. Therefore, while deciding on a roof roller blind it is worth paying attention not only to the decorative aspect of a certain fabric, but also to its technical properties, especially it’s reflective coating.



  • Versions on supports, with a load-bearing profile, in a semi-round or square cassette

  • Chain, spring, vario holder and electric drive mechanisms

  • Functional accessories: decorative sets, side cords, guides, locking profiles, volants, etc.

  • The compactness and the high quality of the German producer’s components

roleta decomatic
roleta coulisse smart

Coulisse Smart

  • Versatile system size

  • Versions on supports, with a load-bearing profile, in a metal semi-cassette

  • Chain, spring and battery electric drive

  • Dedicated motors with the possibility of controlling from a mobile application level

  • Decorative sets in original colours


  • 3 systems of mini roller blinds

  • Chain mechanisms and vario holder

  • Rich colours, including woodgrain decors

  • Full integration with a window wing

  • Simple measurement and installation

rolety naskrzydłowe
roleta dachowa


  • Fail-safe and verified Coulisse Skylight system

  • Two operating versions

  • Dimensions compatible with most windows

  • Ideally matching system elements

  • Included with upper clip covers and side clip covers



The roller blind fabric of Screen type is a unique functional solution which will be perfect for office rooms, public utility buildings and residential buildings with huge glazings. An untypical texture of this textile, which is a combination of glass fibres and plastics PVC makes it a solar barrier that reflects UV rays effectively, protecting the eyesight from sharp sunlight and preventing rooms from heating up. The textile fibres are arranged so that along with the interior shading the observation of view behind the window would be possible. It is also worth adding that a great advantage of these fabrics is their resistance to damage and easy cleaning surface. In the offer you will find a wide variety of colours of the SCREEN type fabrics with different opening/translucency factors (OF), which allows for perfect adjustment of coverings to the character of each space.

tkanina roletowa typu Screen



Over the last couple of years there has been a significant change in trends and customers’ preferences as for the internal sun protection. Roller blinds are no longer perceived as a product which sole purpose is to protect the room against sunlight and the neighbour’s sight. A roller blind has become a part of interior decor and therefore, apart from their purely technical functions, it must also meet decorative functions.

Trying to meet the expectations of all our customers, we have created a collection composed of over 450 fabrics in modern designs. We are convinced that our offer allows each user to find his own style and obtain such effect that is expected from the highest quality goods. The entire collection of roller blind fabrics includes fabrics with diverse light transmissions – from totally transparent fabrics through fabrics protecting from undesired views but providing the sunlight supply, up to the perfectly blinding textiles of blackout type. Rich colours as well as the variety of structures and patterns ensure suitable material for each interior.

  • More than 450 patterns
  • European suppliers
  • 4 transparency degrees
  • Technical and decorative fabrics
  • With an additional light reflecting coat
  • Flame resistant according to DIN 4102 B1
  • Foils with DNV-GL certificate
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Sound absorbing
  • Protecting against harmful UV radiation
  • Impregnated, with higher moisture resistance
  • Ensuring optimal work conditions at screens.