Day/Night roller blinds


Day/Night roller blinds are the innovative system of indoor anti-solar protection, which on account of its functionality and modern design enjoys more and more interest among Customers. The use of alternating strips with a varied transparency degree, enabling arbitrary shading degree adjustment, the Day/Night roller blind combines the function of a traditional material roller blind with the possibilities of a horizontal blind. A practical asset, which contributes additionally to the growing popularity of this product, is the fact that the Day/Night roller blind not only protects the interior against sun, but also it forms a modern and stylish decoration.

Free-hanging Roller Blinds

Day/Night roller blinds in a free-hanging version are produced based on Decomatic® Medium programme and on Coulisse components in the Smart programme (find out more about these systems here). Day/Night free-hanging roller blinds in the Medium programme are offered in two most popular operating versions: chain or electric drives. The Smart programme is an alternative to the Medium programme, which on account of its aesthetic values, apart from the function of a typical sunshield, will also fulfil a decorative function. The rich colours of components in a basic and decorative version may make the roller blind an interesting decor accessory both in a modern and classical style. The Smart programme offers two operating variants – a chain, spring and an innovative, wireless battery drive, dedicated specially to this system.

Mini Roller Blinds

Day/Night Mini Roller Blinds are a very practical and universal solution which will be perfect practically in every room. Due to its small size and its location directly at the glass pane, a roller blind cassette appears to be the integral part of the window. Mini Roller Blinds mounted with clip covers, limit the penetration of the sunlight to the room to the minimum, at the same time keeping the roller blind material near the window pane surface, what enables free window opening and putting ajar. Shadow-System offer includes two system solutions. Basic in a PCV cassette and Ultimate in an aluminium cassette, which is produced with the components of the Dutch supplier, Coulisse.


  • Manual operating with a chain

  • Versions on a load bearing profile and in a round or square cassette

  • System colour – painted white, anodised silver, painted black

  • Optionally – a metal chain

  • 3 types of extenders

  • Somfy electric drives

  • Remote control by means of a switch, remote control device or telephone application

roleta wolnowisząca decomatic medium
roleta wolnowisząca smart


  • Manual operating with a chain

  • Versions on a load bearing profile and in a metal decorative semi-cassette

  • 6 system colours for the version on a support

  • Decorative metal set available in 4 colours

  • 2 colours for a model in a decorative semi-cassette

  • Optionally – a metal chain

  • 3 types of extenders

  • Coulisse battery drives

  • Remote control by means of a switch, remote control device or telephone application


  • Manual operating with a chain

  • 3 standard colours + 5 woodgrain decors

  • PCV cassette

  • Standard clip covers and arched clip covers

  • Spacer profiles for windows with a low glazing bead

roleta naskrzydłowa basic
roleta naskrzydłowa ultimate


  • Manual operating with a chain

  • 2 standard colours + 5 woodgrain decors

  • Aluminium cassette

  • Standard, arched and aluminium clip covers



  • More than 180 patterns with a varied structure

  • 3 price groups – S, 0, 1

  • European suppliers

  • Fabric widths (from 240 cm to 300 cm)

  • Various stripe heights (from 40 mm to 210 mm)

  • Flame resistant fabrics

  • Shading fabrics

  • Several versions of fabrics for Roman roller blinds

wzornik shadow system
teczka z katalogami shadow system
katalog wzorów o różnej strukturze