Pleated blinds


Pleated blinds offered by Shadow-System are based on the renowned, leading European DECOMATIC® system of the German company BENTHIN®. The highest quality of details and modern solutions guarantees reliable and long-term use of ready-made goods, whichprovides an advantage over other products available in our market. A wide range of system options enables manufacturing pleated blinds for almost every shape and every window type. Because of their decorative character pleated blinds are intended for usage in household rooms; however their universality and functional characteristics make them popular in office rooms as well.

Decomatic® BASIC

Program BASIC includes the most frequently ordered models of pleated blinds for tilt & turn windows and roof windows. A simple construction of roller blinds guarantees their failure-free operation for many years. High quality aluminium profiles, all plastic components and impressive fabrics highlight their aesthetics. The blinds in the BASIC system may be operated manually with a handle (Tilt & Turn windows and roof windows) or with a cord (only Tilt & Turn windows). Profiles are available in five colours: four powder-coated according to the RAL palette and one anodised in silver colour.

  • 6 models with handle operation
  • 6 models with cord operation




Decomatic® COMFORT

Program Comfort supplemented with the Plafond program enables to make a full range of products for all window types: vertical Tilt & Turn, roof windows, skylights and winter gardens (plafonds). Depending on the place of installation and type of window, pleated blinds may be operated manually: with handle, cord, chain, crank or remotely with an electric drive. Solutions improving the usage comfort of a blind together with plastic elements made out of the highest quality plastic enable to fullfil expectations of the most demanding customers. Various shapes of blinds (over 100 forms and shapes) allow using them in every shape of a window available in our market. Therefore, they are the most universal products in the decorative segment of the light protection.

  • 49 models with handle operation
  • 21 models with electric motor
  • 16 models with cord operation
  • 11 models with chain operation
  • 10 models with crank operation
  • 8 models in special forms mounted permanently

system 16 mm

 The 16 mm pleated blinds are the ideal solution for windows with narrow glazing beads and for sliding terrace windows where, due to limited space, other sun shades cannot be used. The characteristic feature of 16 mm pleated blinds is a narrow handle profile ensuring smooth operation of the pleated blind and special fabrics dedicated to this system with a width of 15 mm (20 mm duets).

There are two models available which differ in the mounting type:

  • pleated blind mounted on mounting feet to glazing beads
  • pleated blind mounted on non-invasive, self-adhesive profiles glued to the window frame


The Coulisse Skylight roof pleated blind is a modern and functional solution for a roof window, which ensures a full control of the light amount coming through the roof window into the room. It proves perfect where sound sleep and good rest as well as protection of privacy are important. This pleated blind is opeated manually by two sliding profiles, which may be set at any position. Aluminium side profiles, in which the horizontal operation profiles move, are not only an elegant supplement for the whole product, but they also eliminate side light transmissions between the pleated blind fabric and the window frame.


  • Over 400 fabrics,
  • 4 levels of transparency,
  • 5 price groups – S, 0, 1, 2, 3,
  • honeycomb or classic fabrics,
  • decorative and plain
  • with pearl or metallized coating,
  • flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1,
  • impregnated with increased resistance to moisture,
  • stain resistant,
  • ensuring optimal working conditions at the monitors.
żaluzja plisowana uchwytowa


Comfortably and precisely. The most popular operating version among all the offered options. Full adjustment by means of two movable profiles. One of three holder types to choose from – basic, modern and metal with a spare decorative element in the system colour.


The pleated blind is operated by two movable profiles, which can be positioned anywhere. A special recess in the profiles allows them to be conveniently gripped and moved smoothly over the entire height of the pleated blind.

obsluga profilem
plisy wyposażone w sznurki obsługowe


Practical controlling type, referring to traditional blinds. Some pleated blind models are equipped with two operating cords allowing for the independent control of the upper and lower profile. Ideal for sliding doors and for windows mounted at greater heights.


An innovative operating system based on the chain mechanism, ensuring the smooth adjustment of window cover. The use of such a mechanism facilitates the operation of pleated blinds installed in very high windows.

plisy z mechanizmem łańcuszkowym
plisy z napędem elektrycznym


The full pleated blind automation is possible owing to the rich offer of electric drives. Cable and radio control, as well as via smartphone application. Using the electric drive guarantees comfort and silent work, the options of blind operation programming, the possibility of integration with SMART HOME systems, and many more.


As the professional supplier of pleated blind systems based on DECOMATIC® technology, we are able to produce pleated blinds in non-standard shapes. Doing a measurement of a window according to a simple instruction, we are able to match pleated blinds almost with every window, at the same time offering the various types of operation: holder, cord and chain. It is also possible to produce a fixed pleated blinds mounted permanently in the window.

plisy w niestandardowych kształtach
różne kształty okien
uchwyty bezinwazyjne - plisy


Special holders enabling the simple installation of a pleated blind on the window wing without drilling any holes in its frame. A blind mounted in this way may be dismounted quickly at any time. Non-invasive holders may be used with the majority of the pleated blinds offered.



Shadow-System offers a wide collection of various fabrics. It is over 400 patterns, both classic plain and decorative modern design, as well as technical / fire resistant fabrics. The offer includes fabrics with various light transmissions, from transparent fabrics, through semi-transparent, protecting against unwelcome sight, but providing the daily light supply, up to the blackout fabrics – blinding the interior completely. A separate group is fabric of Honeycomb type with honeycomb structure which makes the system cords completely invisible.

The choice of a suitable fabric to cover the inside against the sun rays coming through the window has a great importance. Apart from technical parameters that decide on the amount of sunlight transmission, its decorative aspect is worth considering. A fabric in a proper colour not only decorates a window, but is also a crucial element of the whole room decor. The Honeycomb fabric application will significantly improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the interior.



Fabrics of HONEYCOMB type are pleated fabrics with a characteristic structure of a honeycomb. Due to a do­uble layer of fabric application, the openings in the fabric needed for system cords , as well as the cords themselves are invisible. Such fabric structure has also excellent thermo-insulating properties, and therefore the room heats up less in summer, and the heat loss through the glass panes is much lower in winter. Thus, the fabrics of a HONEYCOMB type help keeping a comfortable air temperature and cost optimisation of heating and cooling the interior.

tkaniny typu honeycomb