Articles with delivery delay

Group of products Type of material No. / Name Date of delivery Page / Package No. Replacement
Pleated blindsFabric0-0014 PLOut of offer6
Pleated blindsFabric0-0314 PLOut of offer12
Pleated blindsFabric1-1120 PL13.01.202213
Pleated blindsFabric1-1393 PLOut of offer9
Pleated blindsFabric1-2053 PL27.01.20227
Pleated blindsFabric1-2202 PLOut of offer11
Pleated blindsFabric2-1275 PL20.01.20221
Pleated blindsFabric2-2313 PL20.01.202222
Pleated blindsFabric2-2702 PL24.02.20227
Pleated blindsHoneycomb fabric2-2952 DU10.02.202221
Pleated blindsHoneycomb fabric2-2965 DU21.04.202221
Pleated blindsHoneycomb fabric2-2967 DU13.01.202221
Pleated blindsHoneycomb fabric3-3651 DU20.01.202221/2
Pleated blindsHoneycomb fabric3-3652 DU27.01.202221/2
Pleated blindsHoneycomb fabric3-3653 DU17.03.202221/2
Pleated blindsHoneycomb fabric3-3654 DU20.01.202221/2
Pleated blindsHoneycomb fabric3-3655 DU03.02.202221/2
Pleated blindsHoneycomb fabric3-3656 DU20.01.202221/2
Pleated blindsHoneycomb fabric3-3794 DU20.01.202221/2
Pleated blindsFabricS-0063 PL20.01.20224
Pleated blindsFabricS-0073 PL20.01.202212
Pleated blindsFabricS-0100 PLOut of offer3S-0120 PL
Pleated blindsFabricS-0101 PLOut of offer4S-0121 PL
Pleated blindsFabricS-0104 PLOut of offer17
Pleated blindsFabricS-0106 PLOut of offer14S-0126 PL
Pleated blindsFabricS-0107 PLOut of offer12S-0127 PL
Pleated blindsFabricS-0108 PLOut of offer15
Pleated blindsFabricS-0109 PLOut of offer14S-0129 PL
Pleated blindsFabricS-0150 PLOut of offer3S-0160 PL
Pleated blindsFabricS-0151 PLOut of offer5S-0161 PL
Pleated blindsFabricS-0152 PLOut of offer5S-0162 PL
Pleated blindsFabricS-0154 PLOut of offer17
Pleated blindsFabricS-0156 PLOut of offer15S-0166 PL
Pleated blindsFabricS-0157 PLOut of offer12S-0167 PL
Wooden blinds 50mmLaddertape 38 mm(BL) Blue 38 mmOut of offer
Wooden blinds 50mmLaddertape 38 mm(IN) Indigo 38 mmOut of offer
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom railS-5010 BDS27.01.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5010 LAM03.03.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5017 LAM03.03.20221
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom railS-5020 BDS27.01.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail coverS-5020 MAS20.01.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom railS-5021 BDS24.02.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail coverS-5021 MAS24.02.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5022 LAM27.01.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail coverS-5023 MAS03.03.20223
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail coverS-5024 MAS13.01.20223
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat0-5026 LAM10.03.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail0-5026 BDS27.01.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail cover0-5026 MAS27.01.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5029 LAM27.01.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail2-5030 BDS28.04.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail2-5031 BDS03.03.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat2-5037 LAM31.12.20223
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5040 LAM20.01.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail coverS-5043 MAS13.01.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom railS-5044 BDS24.02.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail coverS-5044 MAS20.01.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5044 LAM20.01.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom railS-5045 BDS27.01.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail coverS-5045 MAS05.05.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat1-5046 LAM03.02.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail1-5046 BDS03.02.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail cover1-5046 MAS03.02.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail cover1-5047/49 MAS05.05.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat1-5048 LAM05.05.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail cover1-5048/93 MAS05.05.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat1-5049 LAM24.03.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail cover1-5049/47 MAS27.01.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5054 LAM13.01.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom railS-5055 BDS20.01.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5055 LAM03.02.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5056 LAM03.02.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom railS-5057 BDS28.04.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail coverS-5057 MAS13.01.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5057 LAM27.01.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat0-5059 LAM27.01.20223
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat0-5060 LAM27.01.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat0-5068 LAM27.01.20223
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail0-5068 BDS27.01.20223
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail2-5070 BDS20.01.20221
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail2-5072 BDS13.01.20223
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat2-5073 LAM13.01.20221
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail1-5076 BDS05.05.20225
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail0-5077 BDS31.12.20223
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail cover0-5077 MAS31.12.20223
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5086 LAM31.12.20225
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail cover1-5092 MAS05.05.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat1-5093 LAM31.12.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail1-5093/48 BDS28.04.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail cover1-5093/48 MAS28.04.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat1-5095 LAM05.05.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom rail1-5096 BDS13.01.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail cover1-5096 MAS13.01.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat1-5098 LAM13.01.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat1-5099 LAM05.05.20222
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat1-5106 LAM05.05.20221
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom railS-5110 BDS20.01.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail coverS-5110 MAS20.01.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5110 LAM03.02.20224
Wooden blinds 50mmBottom railS-5111 BDS03.02.20225
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5111 LAM03.02.20225
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5114 LAM03.03.20221
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5115 LAM13.01.20221
Wooden blinds 50mmSlatS-5116 LAM31.12.20221
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat0-5120 LAM27.01.20225
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat0-5121 LAM27.01.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat0-5122 LAM31.12.20225
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat0-5125 LAM21.04.20221
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat0-5126 LAM27.01.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmHead rail cover0-5126 MAS13.01.20226
Wooden blinds 50mmSlat2-5130 LAM20.01.20222
Wooden blinds 25mmLaddertape 12 mm(BL) Blue 12 mmOut of offer
Wooden blinds 25mmLaddertape 12 mm(CD) Cordovan 12 mmOut of offer
Wooden blinds 25mmLaddertape 12 mm(GR) Green 12 mmOut of offer
Wooden blinds 25mmLaddertape 12 mm(IV) Ivory 12 mmOut of offer
Wooden blinds 25mmLaddertape 12 mm(MC) Mocca 12 mmOut of offer
Wooden blinds 25mmLaddertape 12 mm(PS) Persimmon 12 mmOut of offer
Wooden blinds 25mmSlat0-2111 LAM20.01.20222
Wooden blinds 25mmHead rail cover0-2111 MAS20.01.20222
Wooden blinds 25mmSlat0-2116 LAM10.02.20222
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2510 LAM20.01.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2511 LAM13.01.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2513 LAM17.02.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2514 LAM13.01.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2515 LAM03.02.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2519 LAM17.02.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2523 LAM13.01.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2525 LAM03.02.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlat1-2526 LAM24.03.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2541 LAM03.02.20222
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2544 LAM13.01.20222
Wooden blinds 25mmSlatS-2545 LAM17.02.20222
Wooden blinds 25mmSlat0-2550 LAM13.01.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmHead rail cover0-2551 MAS13.01.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlat0-2553 LAM03.03.20221
Wooden blinds 25mmSlat1-2559 LAM10.02.20221
Żaluzje Drewniane 25mm SlatS-2579 LAM17.02.20222
Vertical blindsFabric0-0770 VE08913.01.20216L
Vertical blindsFabric0-0771 VE08913.01.20226L
Vertical blindsFabric0-0778 VE08920.01.20226L
Vertical blindsFabric0-0782 VE08913.01.20226L
Vertical blindsFabric1-1781 VE12713.01.20229L
Vertical blindsFabric2-0045 VE12703.03.20228L
Vertical blindsFabric2-2240 VE12724.02.202210L
Vertical blindsFabric2-3618 VE12713.01.20227L
Vertical blindsFabricS-0801 VE12720.01.20221L
Vertical blindsFabricS-0807 VE08920.01.20221L
Vertical blindsFabricS-0826 VE08903.02.20221L
Vertical blindsFabricS-0838 VE08920.01.20221L
Vertical blindsFabricS-0838 VE12720.01.20221L
Vertical blindsFabricS-0873 VE08913.01.20222L
Roller blindsFabric0-0779 RO03.02.20226L
Roller blindsFabric0-0780 RO03.02.20226L
Roller blindsDay/Night fabric0-1560 DROut of offer4
Roller blindsDay/Night fabric0-1581 DROut of offer3
Roller blindsDay/Night fabric0-1582 DROut of offer3
Roller blindsDay/Night fabric0-1583 DROut of offer3
Roller blindsDay/Night fabric0-1586 DROut of offer3
Roller blindsDay/Night fabric0-1873 DR Out of offer20
Roller blindsFabric1-1400 ROOut of offer7R
Roller blindsFabric1-1401 ROOut of offer7R
Roller blindsFabric1-1415 RO20.01.202213L
Roller blindsFabric1-1628 RO13.01.20224L
Roller blindsFabric1-1764 RO13.01.20226L
Roller blindsFabric2-0010 RO17.02.202212L
Roller blindsFabric2-0043 RO17.02.20228L
Roller blindsFabric2-2240 RO10.02.202210L
Roller blindsFabric2-2250 ROOut of offer8R
Roller blindsFabric2-2251 ROOut of offer13R
Roller blindsFabric2-2264 RO20.01.202210L
Roller blindsFabric2-2336 RO13.01.202211L
Roller blindsFabric2-2702 RO24.02.20228L
Roller blindsFabric2-3321 RO24.02.202213L
Roller blindsFabric2-3631 ROOut of offer14R
Roller blindsFabric3-3634 ROOut of offer13R
Roller blindsFabricS-0800 RO20.01.20221L
Roller blindsFabricS-0874 RO17.02.20222L
Electric componentsOtherAkkupack27.01.2022
Electric componentsMotorRoll Up WireFree R28 RTS 12 VOut of offer
Electric componentsRemoteSituo 5 RTS iron II25.01.2022
Electric componentsRemoteSituo 5 RTS pure II01.02.2022
Electric componentsRemoteSituo 5 VAR RTS Pure II01.02.2022
Electric componentsMotorSonesse 40 io 9/12 VVF3m18.01.2022
Electric componentsOtherTaHoma SwitchUndefined
Electric componentsRemoteTelis 16 RTS pure25.01.2022
Electric componentsMotorTilt & Lift WireFree RTS 12V14.02.2022